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Forever Beloved


Cover Summer Coming cannot remember a time when she did not love Falcon Who Flies Alone, son of a wealthy Englishman and an Indian princess. She eagerly awaited his return from London, not knowing that he's pledged himself to an English woman.

Falcon is stunned at the very sight of Summer Coming. The little girl he left behind has grown into a golden vision of sensual beauty -- noble, strong, loyal to her people. She is everything he's longed for yet, with a heavy heart, realizes he cannot have. For Falcon must honor his commitment. But when Summer Coming is called upon to be the future leader of her tribe, Falcon stands beside her in a desperate battle to save the Indian land. And, from the depths of his very soul, he knows he needs her, desires her... and must find a way to embrace her with the everlasting promise that only love can make.

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Unwilling Betrayer


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Kinswoman to Ireland's greatest warrior, flame-haired Brianna believed that the Norsemen who plundered her land were barbarians, and she would gladly have given her life to help defeat the searoving raiders. So when the Viking warrior Wulf Thorsson mistook her for a thrall and carried her off to his Dublin stronghold, she had no qualms about posing as a slave if the ruse would strike a blow against her hated enemies. Although Wulf treated her gently, Brianna vowed never to give in to the passion he roused in her. But weak with wanting, she soon discovered that despite her steadfast resolve the fiery desire of her wavering heart might make her the unwilling betrayer of all she ever loved.

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Beloved Deceiver

Cover When Cain Banning sails into Boston Harbor, it is with vengeance on his mind. He will find the man who was once his father's partner -- the devil who betrayed his father and carried off the beautiful daughter of the Sultan of Izmir.
But it is the bewitching Ayisha who leads Cain to his prey -- her father, now a wealthy and respected businessman. Stunned by this discovery, Cain is torn by his growing passion for the daughter of the man he means to have hanged. And Ayisha, unaware of long-held family secrets, becomes the innocent pawn in a mysterious game of danger and intrigue...captivated by a love that surpasses all else.

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Beloved Intruder


Cover Fleeing scandal and tragedy, Hope Caldwell brings her medical skills to the proud native people of the Pennsylvania frontier. But danger surrounds the gentle healer in this savage, inhospitable land. And she trembles with fear and desire in the presence of a magnificent brave whose golden eyes burn with passion's hungry fire.

A warrior dedicated to driving the unwanted white settlers from Indian lands, Firewalker aches to possess the beautiful, midnight-haired maiden who stands defiantly before him. For she is his destiny, foretold in a sacred vision. And though scorn and peril threaten their union, he will defend to the death his cherished prize -- to know the ecstasy of a bold and breathtaking love that the spirits decreed and his noble heart demands.

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Beloved Pretender


Cover An English nobleman by birth, Adam Rutledge's heart belongs to the Mohawk tribe who befriended him after the tragic death of his young wife. Now he is known as Cougar, a fierce Mohawk war chief, and one determined to protect the Indians from the encroachment of the white settlers.

When lovely Alexandra Chamberlain, the fiery daughter of an English colonel, is kidnapped by a band of Oneidas, it is the daring Cougar who rescues her -- only to make her his own captive, a pawn in his battle for Indian justice. Never dreaming that the savagely handsome brave is an Englishman, Alexandra is mortified by the sensual excitement his very touch stirs within her. And even as their worlds collide, passions flare -- exploding in the magnificent destiny of love's most daring challenge.

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Beloved Enchantress


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Wild and free, beautiful Sunniva Mellby had no interest in the housewifely arts her mother taught her; nor would she meekly accept the middle-aged bridegroom her father proposed. There was only one man for her -- Raven, as fierce and proud as his namesake -- and she would risk banishment to ride unfettered at his side. Only his kisses turned her blood to fire, only his hard warrior's body could penetrate her maidenly reserve. Yet on the very morn of their wedding, Sunniva was spirited away by the feared Viking chieftain Rolf Gunnarson. Her heart breaking, Sunniva swore no man would take by force what she had freely given Raven; no mere Viking would break the vows of never-ending love between them.

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Beloved Avenger

Cover The Pearls of Naipoor -- long ago, Lucian Thorne had been convicted of stealing the fabled jewels and stripped of his command. Becoming the elusive "Ghost," he sailed storm-tossed seas, preying upon the ships of the villain who had ruined him. Until the day he claimed an unexpected "cargo" -- his enemy's sable-haired fiancee, Sarina Fairburn ...

Immediately, Lucian vowed to steal Sarina's virtue in revenge. But in the dark, sultry nights that followed, she became far more than mere pirate's plunder. She was a fever in his blood, a delirious dream of satin skin and lush kisses. And even as he acknowledged his own folly in desiring the woman promised to his enemy, he opened his embittered heart to the passionate power of love.

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