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Welcome! This is where I introduce myself and tell you a bit about the person behind the stories. I'm a Toronto native—born and raised in 'the Beach' district—and like so many in this city, I feel an almost mystic connection to Lake Ontario and its miles of boardwalk. These days, home is a west Toronto condo shared with an opinionated miniature parrot and his companion cat.

I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember—a habit that occasionally got me in trouble when I was a kid! But until the winter of '93, I'd never considered writing an entire novel. That winter, I was possessed by a couple of characters who would not give me peace until I'd told their story. It took me two and a half years to complete that first book and while it will never see publication, it was a terrific learning experience.

Several years later, I teamed up with my friend Anne Norman and together we wrote two novels, Rock Solid and Fast Focus, both originally published by Avalon Books in their Career Romance line.

My first solo release is Sparks Fly, a forest fire adventure/romance set in Ontario's far north. It was an exciting story to research and tell and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have.

Anne and I are delighted to announce that Amazon Publishing has acquired Avalon books and made our titles available in hardcover and for Kindle under their Montlake imprint. Check out the book pages for purchase links.

Along with excerpts from my books, these pages contain bits and pieces of my adventures in research—check out my first flight as pilot of a Cessna (Sparks Fly).

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Anne Norman

Anne Norman
co-author of Rock Solid and Fast Focus

Born in Wales, Anne Norman moved to Canada at a tender age and spent much of her young life 'pollywogging' near the Scarborough Bluffs. Grew a lot of little frogs but no princes sprang from these, as far as she knows. Supposedly a grownup now, she finds her cats and birds to be (mostly) patient companions, though they are sometimes heard sniggering when she suffers from writer's block. She lives in southern Ontario with no current blocks, and plots her next book.



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