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Sam - resident cat-of-all-trades and bird's best friend.As someone who grew up believing that dogs, not diamonds, are a girl's best friend, my conversion to 'cat person' came as a bit of a surprise. I had stopped in at the local pet shop for birdseed one afternoon and, as usual, couldn't resist paying a visit to the adoption centre. There he was, all alone and meowing, "get me outa here!" I tried telling him that it wouldn't work—we're from two different worlds—but, you guessed it, I came home with a lot more than birdseed.

Meet Sam, aka 'Samwise' or 'Disreputable Cat' whose scarred ear hints at his history as a brawler. He's an American Shorthair with a quirky personality and definite sense of humour. I guess that comes in handy when you're the bird's personal cat. Especially when that bird is a bit of a celebrity.


Jazz - much-indulged and somewhat famous lineolated parakeet.And the handsome fellow in the photos to the left is Jazz, lineolated parakeet extraordinaire. If you've never met a linnie, pay a visit to Homestead's Hatchery. Among the wonderful photos there, you'll find a baby pic of Jazz at 9 weeks. (He was called 'Columbus' at the time, because he so loved to explore.)

Jazz's celebrity status is thanks to mystery author Barbara Colley, whose wonderful sleuth in the Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series has a pet parakeet named Sweety Boy. I've been sharing Jazz's antics with Barb since the day he came home and as Sweety Boy's real-life alter ego, Jazz is mentioned on the acknowledgements page of Death Tidies Up. If you're a fan of cozy mysteries, Jazz and I highly recommend this series, set in New Orleans and featuring Charlotte LaRue, maid for hire, amateur sleuth, and 'bird person'.






How do writers research? Any way we can!

In the Air! Here's what Markham Month Magazine had to say."When she started working on her new book, Cheryl Cooke Harrington had no idea she'd wind up piloting an airplane. But that's the situation this romance writer found herself in while researching for an upcoming book. Says Harrington, "The research can take you in all sorts of wonderful directions." In the case of Sparks Fly, that direction was up! So come fly with me! There'll be an excerpt waiting for you when we land.

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