Deni Dietz

Appearance Schedule


August 13 – 16
Marriott Beachside Hotel
Key West, Florida

September 10 – 13
10600 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, Colorado

October 28 – November 2
Omni Nashville Hotel
250 Fifth Ave. South
Nashville, Tennessee

February 24 – 28
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 North Second Ave.
Phoenix, AZ



Deni will add more details when she knows what the bloody heck she's doing and where she's going. Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, enjoy Deni's photo gallery, featuring friends and fellow authors, pets, bathtubs, and more!


Deni's Photo Album


Deni looking over the shoulder of Annie Spracklen during the musical "Oliver"

Deni as Palace Guard "Annie" standing next to a chorus member and Palace
Guard "Andy" in the Christmas Panto "Aladdin."

Deni looking over the shoulder of Annie Spracklen during the musical
Deni - rehearsing for Damn Yankees

Deni rehearsing "You Gotta Have Heart." The words to that song mean a lot when you're an author, especially the line "mustn't sit around and mope."

Deni standing next to a fellow actor during the filming of URBAN COWBOY.
John Travolta has very blue eyes. Debbie Winger wouldn't sign an autograph for Deni's kids. When Winger "died" in Terms of Endearment, Deni laughed.


Alaskan library booksigning.

A booksigning at an Alaskan library.
I'm in the righthand corner...buried beneath the snow.

at the Rocky Mountain Book Fair

At the Rocky Mountain Book Fair. I'm gazing at my adoring fans...while listening to the fourth quarter of a Denver Broncos football game.


Deni at Hooked on Books
Deni at Hooked on Books.

Deni at Barnes & Noble in Boise, Idaho


My office. I cleaned it for the picture.

My bathtub. This is where I plot my books. Can you say "Psycho"?


Deni's painting - The Pony

This painting is called "The Pony." I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, where I was an art major. I opted, instead, to become a novelist because I wanted to be rich and famous. Hahahahahahaha...


Sydney Dietz, Dog (1987- 2003).
My heroine/sleuth in EYE OF NEWT
is named for Syd.

Cherokee AKA "Hitchcock"

"Sit, Sydney, sit, Panora!
Stand, Sydney, stand, Pandora!
Good dogs."

Pandora Dietz, Dog (1995 - 2009)
Pandora played "guide dog" for Sydney.
Now Syd can show Pan the wondrous sights Over the Rainbow.



Deni's sister Eileen plays dead while shooting a movie in Deni's house.

My sister, Eileen Dietz, plays dead for the cameras while shooting a movie on Vancouver Island. Location: My house. The producer "borrowed" it.
My fee: Chinese take-out.

Deni's sister, Eileen Deitz  Albany, with makeup!

My sister Eileen,
alive and vibrant.

Thanks to Eileen, I wrote FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL,
inspired by events that occurred during the filming of "The Exorcist."


Deni running down the aisle...

Racing down the aisle at a writers conference
to marry novelist Gordon Aalborg. The hotel
left champagne and chocolates in our room.
Gordon and chocolate... life doesn't get much
better than that.


Rogues Gallery


Donna Moore
Donna Moore


JD Singh: Sleuth of Baker Street
JD Singh: Sleuth of Baker Street


Jeff Cohen
Jeff Cohen


John  Helfers
John Helfers (Tekno-Books)


Lillian and John
Lillian Stewart Carl and
John Betancourt (Wildside Press)

Deni and Merlot
Merlot (4MysteryAddicts) and Deni
at Left Coast Crime/Seattle

Maria Hudgins
Maria Hudgins


Deni with Maria Hudgins
Maria Hudgins and Deni


Pari Noskin Taichert
Pari Noskin Taichert


Kayla Perrin
Kayla Perrin at Test the Nation

Deni and Katherine Shephard at Left Coast Crime.

Katherine Shephard and Deni during a serious moment at Left Coast Crime.

Lillian Stewart Carl with Brian
Lillian Stewart Carl and one of her
book characters (Brian)

Michelle Black
Michelle Black

Jordan Dane

Alex Brett and Rick Mofina


Steve Brewer

Thomas Cook

Kate Flora


Maureen Jennings with Iden Ford


Lou Allin

Rochelle Krich and Chris Goff

Val McDermid

Hamilton at Creatures 'n Crooks

Tiffany Schofield (Five Star/ Thorndike) and Michael Allan Mallory


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