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The Rainbow's Foot : A Colorado Saga
by Denise Dietz

In the tradition of her tempestuous novel The Landlord’s Black-Eyed Daughter (written as Mary Ellen Dennis and chosen by Booklist as one of the 101 Best Romances of the last 10 years), Denise Dietz’s spellbinding saga encompasses the Cripple Creek Gold Rush, the union rebellions of Mother Jones, and the birth of silent movies.

Fools Gold Smith, born in the “cribs” of a mining town, raised in an elite parlor house, idolized as silent-film heroine “Flower Smith,” is the central figure in this precisely detailed chronicle. Equally memorable is John “Cat” McDonald, an outlaw’s scion, a rodeo star, and silent-film hero “John Chinook.” Then there is Kate Lytton, wealthy, pampered granddaughter of a Denver entrepreneur, who becomes embroiled in the 1913 Ludlow coal strike. Their interwoven stories make for a compelling novel, rich with a vibrant sense of time and place.

From life on cattle ranches to the drawing rooms of the wealthy, from the bedrooms of bawdy houses to the wooden platforms of the Ludlow Tent Colony, Dietz paints not only rooms but intimate portraits of the husbands, wives, sons and daughters who walked their space. From parlor girl, pauper and prospector, to patriarch, plutocrat and profligate, the characters are very much alive. Filled with the essences of its setting, blending love, hate, passion, greed, self-sacrifice, human frailty and strength, The Rainbow’s Foot is an authentic tapestry of its time.

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Reviews for The Rainbow's Foot : A Colorado Saga

“Set against the backdrop of the gold rush and the dawn of Hollywood, The Rainbow’s Foot features a large cast of compelling characters, an ambitious span of time, and emotional depth.”

-- Publishers Weekly 

"Filled with the essences of the setting, blending love, hate, passion, reserve, greed, self-sacrifice, human frailty and strength, The Rainbow's Foot is a tightly written saga of human experience."

-- FictionForest

"Through a brilliantly conceived and executed narrative, Flo and Cat's story unfolds, beginning well before their births, and moving inexorably and compellingly toward a conclusion which is as satisfying as any I've ever read. The Rainbow's Foot deserves a place in the archives of great fiction."

-- Affaire de Coeur - 5 1/2 stars

"I have never read a book quite like THE RAINBOW'S FOOT, never met a heroine quite like Fools Gold, but I am overjoyed that I have read the work, met the heroine. It is an excellent book, but the reader should be warned: You won't be able to put this down once you've started."

-- Under The Covers

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Annie and The Grateful Dead
Anthony Award Nominated Short Story by Denise Dietz

Annie and the The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead, a “pop culture” cat (he watches TV a lot), helps foil a cat-show robbery and, in the process, solves a cold-case murder.

Kindle edition available at


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Throw Darts at a Cheesecake
#1 in the Diet Club Mystery Series by Denise Dietz

Available at the Kindle Store

One by one a diet club's biggest losers are being murdered. Is some jealous member of the Friday meeting a secret killer? Could this be a demented psycho's weight-loss tecnique---eliminate the competition? Diet club leader Ellie Bernstein has to watch her back as well as her calories before she finds herself on the most permanent diet of all...death.

"This mystery features zany characters and zippy one-liners..."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Denise Dietz proves that losing weight can be a killer."
-- Diane Mott Davidson

"A bright and funny new heroine, brisk and clever writing, and wonderfully snappy dialogue."
--Mystery Loves Company

Kindle edition vailable at

Large print edition available at all book stores, from or
or request it at your local library!

Large Print

Large Print Cover: Throw Darts at a Cheesecake by Denise Dietz
Barnes & Noble

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Beat Up a Cookie
#2 in the Diet Club Mystery Series by Denise Dietz
Also Available in Large Print

Available at the Kindle Store

Ellie Bernstein is still a fan of the TV series M*A*S*H. So are a lot of other people in Colorado Springs. After having lost fifty-five (and a half!) pounds, Ellie sure looks a lot like Hot Lips, but that claim to fame might prove dangerous. There's a killer on the loose, and the show's look-alikes are being murdered.

"Clever and amusing..." Publishers Weekly

"Bernstein is a wonderful that she's gotten rid of her philandering husband and kept off those extra 55 pounds, she can revel in her job, her earthy affair with Lt. Peter Miller, and her search for the killer."  Kirkus 

Kindle edition available from

Large print editin available at all book stores, from Barnes & Noble, or request it at your local library!

Large Print

Large Print Cover: Beat Up a Cookie
Barnes & Noble

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Chain a Lamb Chop to the Bed
#3 in the Diet Club Mystery Series by Denise Dietz
Also available in hardcover


Available at the Kindle Store
Chain a Lambc Chop to the Bed ebook cover

When diet club leader Ellie Bernstein vacations at an Aspen dude ranch, the murder of a world-renowned artist casts a pall over her R&R.
"It is so refreshing to read a book where the leading lady isn't 20-something and a perfect size three. The author has penned a wonderful tale that will enthrall the reader. Sit back and enjoy!" Love Romances

"Denise Dietz has done it again. CHAIN A LAMB CHOP TO THE BED contains all the elements we expect from the Ellie Bernstein/Lt. Peter Miller series: Snappy dialogue, compelling characters, romance, humor and a crackling good mystery. Dig in and enjoy! " Steve Brewer

Kindle edition available at

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Available at the Kindle Store

Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread
An Ellie Bernstein/Lt. Peter Miller Mystery
By Denise Dietz

       When Barbra Streisand clone, Sara Lee, is strangled with a Daffy Duck necktie, prior to the open auditions for a community theatre production of Hello, Dolly!, diet club leader Ellie Bernstein wants to know why everybody didn’t like Sara Lee.

       Ellie’s significant other, homicide detective Peter Miller, wants her to keep her lovely, overly sensitive nose out of his business. He’s deathly afraid he’ll find her trashed in the Dumpster that overshadows the alley in back of Uncle Vinnie’s Gourmet Italian Restaurant—the backdrop for Sara Lee’s murder.

       But Ellie doggedly pursues a rollercoaster of clues, even though her daily routine is disrupted by a Border Collie named Scout Finch Lester. Ellie—who has never been owned by a dog—agrees to dog-sit a diet club member’s beloved pet. Only problem is, Scout’s owner seems to have disappeared into Thin air.

       Eventually, Ellie’s search for Sara Lee’s killer lands her at the Hello, Dolly! auditions. Only problem is, Ellie can’t sing or dance...

Order from

Hardcover Edition

Praise for Strangle a Loaf of Italian bread

"Denise Dietz is like Robert B. Parker on estrogen.  Her heroine, diet guru Ellie Bernstein, is fiendishly clever and uproariously funny.  Trust me, this is not your maiden auntie’s murder mystery." ~ Marshall Karp, The Rabbit Factory

Strangle a Loaf of Italian Bread is a delightful mixture of humor, mystery, romance and dashes of movie trivia for pop culture fans. Warm-hearted Ellie Bernstein charms again with her giving nature and penchant for sleuthing.”  
~ Mary Saums, author of the Thistle and Twigg series


"Denise Dietz creates real characters who act like people. She gives you a puzzling mystery. She writes dialogue that sounds like people talking. And she's funny. What else do you want?" ~ Jeffrey Cohen, author of the Double Feature Mystery series

"Animals abound in the book, from Ellie's black Persian cat, Jackie Robinson; Rachel's border collie; a fictional menagerie of seven cats, named for the days of the week; Ellie's mother's six cats, charmingly named Danielle Steele, Victoria Gordon, Nora Roberts, Lorna Ann Jakes, Maggie Osborne and Marty Blue, most of which names should be familiar to readers of the present novel.  'Charming' is one of the best ways to describe the entire novel, which presents an interesting plot, characters and dialogue... Food figures prominently in the book.  The narrative is lightly sprinkled with recipes, and many of the characters are of the weight-conscious variety, as might be expected in a series where the female protagonist is the head of a local Weight Winners diet club. [The title is derived from a line by the late Gilda Radner, a worthy muse: "Eating is self-punishment, punish the food instead.  Strangle a loaf of Italian bread . . ."]   Ya gotta love it."
~ Gloria Feit for Spinetingler Magazine, Crimespree Magazine, and Midwest Book Review

"With a deft hand, author Dietz navigates readers through a morass of clues, false trails, time-worn clichés and some intriguing characters in a laugh-out-loud story that is bound to capture readers by page two.  The secret appears to be the character of Ellie Bernstein, who, while traipsing about town interviewing people, obsesses about missing Jeopardy programs, and relationships between dogs and cats. Readers may not learn any secrets of the universe or how to manage inter-personal relationships, but they'll have a very pleasant time in this exceedingly well-crafted novel with a fine mystery at its core."
~ Carl Brookins


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Siren Audio Studios proudly presents a Full Cast Audio Theatre Performance of FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER, based on the Bestselling book by Denise Dietz

Ingrid Beaumont's 30th high school class reunion turns up a few surprises. Her friend, world renowned artist, Wylie Jamestown, turns up dead, her ex-husband turns up alive, and her high school sweetheart turns up at her door. Wylie's love of riddles forces Ingrid to turn sleuth if she wants to keep the killer from turning her life completely upside down.

Original music inspired by the author's book and heroine's hit single "Clowns" is brought to life by composer/producer Bill Royal and performed by Boulevard Lane: Angela Andazola & Bill Royal: 

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An Ingrid Beaumont Mystery
co-starring Hitchcock the Dog

by Denise Dietz

How do you know an elephant's been in your refrigerator?  
By the footprints in the butter.

Wylie Jamestone's killer didn't leave footprints...

Or fingerprints.

In her own mind, Ingrid Beaumont is the quintessential amateur sleuth. She enjoys riddles, but has never solved a real mystery in her life. From books to television to movies, Ingrid always guesses wrong.

In his own mind, Hitchcock, is the quintessential well trained pooch, even though he only knows eight commands and responds best to baddog and getdownoffthecouchyousonofabitch.

Hitchcock doesn't know the difference between gum and gun. But Ingrid and her ganglionic mutt must unriddle the death of her childhood friend, world renowned artist, Wylie Jamestone. A note tacked to his latest canvas read: "Give this to Ingrid. Let the treasure hunt begin."

Now, whether she wants to play detective or not, Ingrid has no choice. Now, the killer is after her! Can she survive poison, Texas, and Charlie Bronson's booby-trapped pantyhose?

*A portion of the author's proceeds will be donated to Canine Companions, an organization that trains dogs to help the handicapped.


paw prints


Reviews for Footprints in the Butter:

"Sharp, sassy, chock full of wisecracks, with a protagonist who could rival V.I. Warshawki."

~Affaire de Coeur

"A mystery wrapped with wit and tied with a bow of humor."

~The Word Museum

"An exceptional book by an exceptional talent."

~Painted Rock Reviews

"A wild treasure hunt through the past and present. A read without peer."

~Under The Covers

 "The dialogue is about as close to brilliant as you can get."

~Rex Anderson, author of My Dead Brother

"Quick-moving dialog; revelatory re-creations of past events; the idiosyncrasies of Ingrid's dog, Hitchcock; and recurrent elephant jokes provide ample entertainment."

~Library Journal

"Mystery fans fortunate enough to read THROW DARTS AT A CHEESECAKE and BEAT UP A COOKIE, featuring Ellie Bernstein, diet guru, and Lt. Peter Miller, already know about the incomparable Dietz. This time around we have a new heroine, Ingrid Beaumont, and her canine companion Hitchcock. It's up to them to find out who killed Ingrid's high school chum, artist Wylie Jamestone, who has returned home for his class reunion. Filled with elephant jokes lame enough to tickle the sternest Puritan and with some shockingly sexy love scenes, FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER is not just another romantic mystery. Dietz tackles a couple of important issues within the story, issues that readers might want to address in quieter moments."

~Romance Communications

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Soap Bubbles
By Denise Dietz

Soap Bubbles is an array of mystery, romance and legal drama. Often funny, sometimes shocking, Soap Bubbles depicts the glitzy microcosm of TV’s daytime drama, where rampant sexuality vies with an almost obscene lust for influence and power. Set during the 60s and 70s, a whole generation springs to life in this brash, voguish classic reminiscent of Jacqueline Susann and Judith Krantz.

Concealing childhood scars, two actresses and a world-renowned model learn how to make love, make money, and make believe. Each woman hopes that the soap opera, Morning Star, will afford an opportunity for the future. Instead, a studio fire and the resultant death of the soap’s reviled producer lead to a shattering confrontation with the past.


Order from Barnes & Noble or or
or request it at your local library!

Soap Bubbles - Kindle Cover Also available for Kindle

Praise for Soap Bubbles

"A fictional soap opera brings three friends joy and headaches in a nostalgic...glitzy... thriller..."
-- Publishers Weekly

“Soap Bubbles
draws the reader in from the first page as the journey through the lives of three complex women begins. Denise Dietz does a wonderful job of telling each woman's story and then bringing the ladies together in a plausible way for the second half of the book.  You will find yourself crying, cheering and laughing as these smart characters search for happiness in a city where everyone wants something from them.   There are many twists and surprises that make it a book hard to set aside.”
****Affaire de Coeur

“In Dietz’s Soap Bubbles, Valley Of The Dolls meets General Hospital meets a glitzy, very pregnant pair of Cagney and Laceys in a bang up, sexy, entertaining read full of characters who don’t let go when you close the book.”
-- Bestselling author Terese Ramin

“Denise Dietz once again proves herself the diva of witty dialogue and whiplash plot twists in this fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the soap operas we all love. Soap Bubbles is a richly detailed story with believable characters and a story line full of surprises.”
-- Bestselling author Fran Baker

“What’s a nice guy like me doing, reading a novel full of kaleidoscopic sins, behind-the-scenes show biz turned inside out, and story twists and surprises piled one on top of the next? Having a glorious time, that’s what. Thank you, Ms. Dietz.”
-- Bestselling author Robert S. Levinson

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Eye of Newt
by Denise Dietz

Cover: Eye of Newt by Denise Dietz (Trade Paperback Edition)

Sydney St. Charles is descended from a long line of witches. She owns an apothecary shop in Manitou Falls, Colorado. Stocked with all the usual health products, herbs and medicines, Sydney also sells spells, potions and talismans -- even though she isn't really sure herself that her magic is real.

Sydney's charms are very popular with the locals, but it isn't witchcraft that has the town buzzing. Clive Newton, a member of the rock band The Newts, has been murdered. And, after buying a love spell from Sydney, the band's manager dies in a fire. On top of that, Sydney finds herself distracted by the appearance of an amnesiac, who she dubs "John Elway" (he seems to recall being a Denver Broncos fan).

Sydney reluctantly gets involved with the murder investigation, but she finds her attempts to help are complicated by her growing attraction to "John Elway." She is also drawn into an ancient family mystery: a parallel murder that happened in Salem in 1692. Through an ancestor's journal, she learns far more than she expected about her own heritage--and also about the modern day killer.

In the end, Sydney must outwit a murderer who will go to any lengths to silence her.

Eye of Newt by Denise Dietz - also available in Hardcover!
Hardcover Edition



Reviews for Eye of Newt!

"This very enjoyable novel blends two complicated mysteries with interesting characters and a strong sense of humor. Fans of the early work of Marcia Muller or Sue Grafton will delight in this heroine and her occasional irreverent attitude towards the world around her. Part romance, part mystery, and all fun, the resulting novel is often downright funny while at the same time providing a very good tale. Hopefully, this book is the start of a new series from this author."

~ Kevin Tipple, The Blue Iris Journal ("Reviewing Fine Books for Discriminating Readers")

"Denise Dietz gives us a book filled with mystery, magic, and mayhem, but most of all, charming wit. EYE OF NEWT is a fanciful romp that should be thoroughly enjoyed and savored."

~ Katherine J. Turcotte, Romance Reviews Today

"Witch-in-denial Sydney St. Charles runs an apothecary in Manitou Falls, CO. When her niece receives the severed ear of a rock band murder victim on her birthday -- and the band's agent dies suspiciously after buying a love spell from Sydney -- she reacts; and with the help of her ex-cop brother, her witchy great-aunt, a sexy amnesiac, and clues from old family journals, she prevails. This amazing concoction of self-deprecating humor, raucous familiars, and idiosyncratic family should entertain most. Dietz, who also writes culinary mysteries, lives on Vancouver Island, B.C. "

~ Library Journal

"In EYE OF NEWT, Denise Dietz has once more put on display her marvelous knack for off-kilter inventiveness, building page-after-page of enjoyment around a witch of a detective out to solve the murder of a rock and roll star."

~ Robert S. Levinson Author of Hot Paint and The John Lennon Affair

"Using wordcraft as deftly as witchcraft, Denise Dietz weaves multiple strands of plot together in a spellbinding history/mystery that transports the reader from 1692 Salem to contemporary Colorado. EYE OF NEWT, with its crackling suspense, unforgettable characters and witty dialogue, is pure magic."

~ Fran Baker, bestselling author of The Lady and the Champ

"Skillfully going back and forth between the present and the past, Dietz weaves the two into a parallel story that enables Sydney to solve both the past and present murders. With a pinch of this and a dash of that, a little murder, a little greed and envy, a little love and lust, Dietz has cooked up a bewitching story that will put you under its spell."

~ Murder and Mayhem

"Many innocent women died in Salem during the witchcraft hysteria, but a few genuine witches escaped the excutioner. Sydney St. Charles, owner of an apothecary shop in Manitou Falls, is descended from them and has a few magic tricks of her own. One of her love spells apparently goes horribly wrong, and she has to find out what happened. She gets some help from her pets, Anne the cat, Mercy the parrot and Chasdick the yellow Lab, who are reincarnations of Sydney's witchly aunts. This is a fresh, fun series."

~ Shirley Wetzel, reviewer for Over My Dead Body

"I can't even begin to do this wonderful book justice. All of these characters seemed so real because of how well written they are and I felt as if I'd made new friends and met some really interesting people."

~ Murder Express


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Fifty Cents for your Soul

Frannie Rosen's psychic mentions a brilliant future, but she never tells the relatively straight-laced and naïve Frannie that she will be possessed by a promiscuous, stage-struck doppelganger.

All Frannie wants is an Oscar-winning role---a "to die for" role. What she gets is far, far more than that!

Frannie often compares herself with Lewis Carroll's Alice, but she soon learns that Hell's demons, rather than Wonderland's allegories, prowl behind the looking glass. Especially when she's cast in a horror film about demonic possession, directed by the legendary Victor Madison.

Front Cover:  Fifty Cents for Your Soul by Denise Dietz While being piloted by Madison, Frannie is also orchestrated by a doppelganger/demon only she can comprehend. She has been "chosen" for her role, and there is more involved than just a doppelganger's dreams of stardom!

The dirctor is tyrannical, the teen star of the movie is troubled, her mother is dysfunctional, the scriptwriter is self-destructive, and nobody involved in the production is without a share of irrational temperament. Except Frannie, who is both savvy and naïve as she copes with her own suspicions and the problem of being possessed by an ever-randy demon.

Victor Madison, womanizer and director, is universally and deservedly hated, yet unexpectedly irresistible to Frannie herself. His murder surprises no one but Frannie; his murderer is a surprise to everyone but Frannie.

But then, only Frannie is faced with disembodied voices, psychic predictions gone truly insane, and an innocence threatened by a reality she simply knows cannot be real.

Also Available in a Kindle Edition


Ambitious Hollywood ingenue Frannie Rosen lands a part in a horror movie directed by the celebrated (and reviled) Victor Madison, but gets more than she bargained for in the demonic possession department when a violent and slutty real-life doppelganger takes over her body.The over-the-top, irreverent serving of horror and Hollywood noir in FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is something of a departure for Dietz (Footprints in the Butter, etc.), but who can resist a book that opens with: "The woman who straddled Victor Madison had hiccups"?

~Publishers Weekly

"FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a book that travels flawlessly between the storyline and reality...Dietz captivated me with her wickedly raunchy story of Frannie, her psychic experiences and the lurid, cruel and sexually insatiable obsessions of film director Victor Madison. The author has a way to keep you reading with her snappy, well crafted dialogue, witty narrative and a plot so interesting, you will be very shocked at the end...FIFTY CENTS FOR YOU SOUL is not a book for cozy lovers. This is an explosion of sex, religion, demons and dopplegangers all wrapped up in a veritable feast of sharp, black humor that will appeal to the mystery reader with a taste for something with real bite. Highly recommended."

~Murder on the Woo Woo Express

"Denise Dietz is a very talented writer who has crafted a combination mystery horror novel that will appeal to fans of both genres. FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL stars a delightfully quirky heroine who doesn't let the fact that she is "possessed" interfere with her main goal of being a famous actress. Readers will adore her because she is so charming and piquant as she stars in a strong story line."

~Harriet Klausner

"This was definitely different and I enjoyed it will be considered a gem."

~Barbara Douglas, Murder by the Book, Houston

"FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL is a fun mixture of mystery, humor and the supernatural, and Frannie Rosen is a delight."

~Romantic Times Magazine

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James Dean and the Moonlight Madness Sale
by Denise Dietz


James Dean and the Moonlight Madness Sale Cover

Have you ever wondered what happens when a mall shuts down for the night? We all know that toys come to life after a child goes to sleep, but what if a store mannequin were to awaken from his inanimate slumber? And what if he looks like James, in fact, James Dean? Lucy can't believe it. She thinks she's dreaming. But James Dean sets out to prove her dream is all too real...and Lucy has the time of her life.

Available for Amazon Kindle


Reviews for James Dean and the Moonlight Madness Sale!

“JAMES DEAN AND THE MOONLIGHT MADNESS SALE was extraordinary and is one of the best e-books I have ever read. Lucy is a flawed heroine and a tragic figure.  She's overweight, has low self-esteem and lives in a veritable fantasy world where everyone resembles a movie star.  Through flashbacks, we are introduced to Steven (whose looks Lucy attributes to those of Robert Redford) who turns out to be the love of her life. I found the ending to be reminiscent of an episode of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits; it was bittersweet and yet hopeful. It isn't often that I'm so moved by a book, but I was moved to tears with this story.  Lucy is a heroine that many will be able to relate to and one I won't soon forget. JAMES DEAN AND THE MOONLIGHT MADNESS SALE is an extremely touching story of one woman's search for love and acceptance no matter the consequence.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a sensual yet thought-provoking book that blends reality and fantasy flawlessly.”

~~ 5 Flames, Reviewers Choicers

“Wow! This book packed a huge punch. It starts off with an explosive sex scene and gets even better from there. Lucy's character is very real. She has never been known as the beautiful one, but instead as the redhead who is overweight. Lucy will come alive to readers and the ending will throw readers for a loop. Miss Dietz does a superb job in hooking her readers from the very first sentence and entertaining them until the very end.”

~~ Fallen Angels - 5 Angels

“Ms. Dietz shows a brilliance for humour and timing, an uncanny ability to add that touch to the lonely life Lucy lives without it slipping over into farce. She has created with Lucy a strong character that leaps off the page and takes your hand, pulling you into a crazy adventure, leaving you feeling like Pretty in Pink dancing to "Fly me to the Moon" in the arms of a young Robert Redford. Be ready to be in for more than one surprise!”

~~ Mon Boudoir

“Denise Dietz has woven an enchanting and sometimes chilling tale of the magnitude that is our self-image; sometimes our friend, sometimes a monster lurking in the shadows, threatening to swallow us whole, but never without repercussion. This story is told with a clever play on words, without becoming contrite. Masterfully told, you will never look at a Midnight Madness Sale in the same way again! Spellbinding!”

~~ The Road to Romance

“The reality of this story is like a dip in freezing water, but the pay-off is FANTASTIC.  'JAMES DEAN' is a wonderful, unexpected treatment of life and love that will draw me back time and again -- the first e-book I have ever read that has moved me to swear I will never delete it from my hard-drive!”

~~ Rachel Bo


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For information on Deni's editing service:
Stray Cat Productions

Kindle Editions

(Click on the cover to order a copy from

The Sound and the Furry anthology
Kindle version
Smashwords version

Kindle version

Throw Darts at a Cheesecake     Beat up a Cookie Cover     Chain a Lambc Chop to the Bed ebook cover     

     Soap Bubbles - Kindle Cover      Eye of Newt Kindle Cover  

 Front Cover:  Fifty Cents for Your Soul by Denise Dietz   James Dean and the Moonlight Madness Sale Cover   Hallie's Comet

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About the Author

Baby DeniWhen Deni was in the third grade, she wrote her first story, THE Denis as a kidPENCIL WHO GREW UP TO BE A STUB. Although the assignment was to write a one-page story, using an ink pen, Deni wrote a five-page story, first-person...and she used a pencil. Whereupon, she received a failing grade for not following orders.
Just like her heroine Jenny, in STARS OF FIRE, and her fictitious diet guru, Ellie Bernstein, Deni doesn't follow orders unless they make sense.

Years later, after Deni had enjoyed a short-lived singing career and acting career, she sat at her typewriter, flexed her fingers, and pounded out her first culinary mystery: THROW DARTS AT A CHEESECAKE, inspired by her part-time job as a Weight Watchers lecturer. In the Walker, then Worldwide, then Kindle novel, diet club members are getting killed off at goal weight and eating as if their very lives depended on it. The second book in the series, BEAT UP A COOKIE, revolves around a group of M*A*S*H* addicts and is dedicated to Alan Alda.
Deni in Damn Yankees

Deni in 1`963Switching to a computer, Deni hit the bestseller list with FOOTPRINTS IN THE BUTTER - an Ingrid Beaumont Mystery co-starring Hitchcock the Dog. She followed that success with her stand-alone, FIFTY CENTS FOR YOUR SOUL, her "reluctant witch mystery," EYE OF NEWT, and the 3rd and 4th books in her diet club mystery series, CHAIN A LAMB CHOP TO THE BED and STRANGLE A LOAF OF ITALIAN BREAD.

Cloning herself into historical saga author Mary Ellen Dennis, Deni wrote THE LANDLORD'S BLACK EYED DAUGHTER, STARS OF FIRE, HEAVEN'S THUNDER, and THE GREATEST LOVE ON EARTH.

Married to Aussie/Canadian author, Gordon Aalborg, whom she met on-line through a writers loop, Deni, with Gordon, collaborated on a romantic suspense, FINDING BESS, and moved to Vancouver Island, where they were adopted by a chocolate Lab named Magic.

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