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Title: Barbara Colley Women's Fiction



Rachel's War Larger than life women's fiction!

Romance Backlist: by Barbara Colley  |  by Barbara writing as Anne Logan

Rachel's War
by Barbara Colley
Harlequin Reader's Choice ~ January 2007
ISBN 0-373-19856-6

Three generations of women, bound by secrets...

American Flag

A destiny of passion, heartbreak, and courage...

Cover: Rachel's War by Barbara ColleyWidowed, pregnant, and alone, twenty-year-old Rachel marries a man she barely knows. Jonathan is kind, wealthy, and generous, and for Rachel’s hungry heart, love is most wanted. Yet her destiny is shaped by devastating troubles that resonate in her own life and within the lives of her daughter and granddaughter.

Set against the backdrop of fifty years of American wars, this is the story of Rachel, Liz, and Crystal, the men they love, and the private battles that shape the women's lives. Through it all, they come to realize that nothing can break the bonds of love and family.


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Armchair Interviews says: "Rachel's War truly is a beautiful novel."

"This is an epic novel following three generations of women through their similar experiences with love, war, and family. Colley spends over forty years, and four hundred pages, proving that deep-rooted actions and emotions, such as love, stupidity, pride, and heartache are not bound by generational gaps.

"...a compelling tale of love and war. This special combination of character-driven story telling, suggestive notions of the impact of time and place on our lives, and compelling thoughts on life in general make this book stand out."
~Read the entire review by Marcella Courneya at Armchair Interviews

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"RACHEL'S WAR by Barbara Colley spans the lives of three women and three wars. While husbands battle overseas, Rachel, her daughter Liz, and her grandaughter Crystal wage their own private wars on the homefront. Concretely, their battles include in-laws, alcoholism, death and illness. Abstractly, they battle insecurity, authority, guilt and remorse. In short, the characters are relatably human and open to the interpretations the reader's own experience provides. A helpful strategy Colley incorporated into the novel is the use of letters as a sort of journal. As the couples write back and forth during their absences, the reader is offered an intimate view of the thoughts and emotions of each person that mere dialog does not afford.

"Barbara Colley's novels typically take place in her hometown of New Orleans, and RACHEL'S WAR is no exception. Though the characters change locales frequently, Rachel begins her life in rural Louisiana and her family members find themselves drawn to the state for various reasons. She writes a cozy mystery series that carries a bit of romance, as Rachel's War eludes to its own mysteries. Her work encompasses multiple genres and appeals to a wide range of readers ...Colley writes true literature that has a backbone and a message for the reader."
Sabrina Williams, Front Street Reviews

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"An interesting historical tale that spans three generation of females ... Readers will enjoy this look at family members of our servicemen coping with the life of a military wife." ~Harriet Klausner

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"Colley spins a sprawling yarn about three generations of women married to soldiers.

"After a Depression-era childhood, Rachel Thompson marries Tim Davis to escape her abusive father and never looks back—even when Tim is called to serve in World War II and she’s left with his family. When Tim returns home and is killed in an accident, Rachel goes to work for wealthy businessman Jon Williams. Learning that she’s pregnant doesn’t faze Jon; he insists on marrying Rachel and raises her daughter Liz as as a sister to his son, J.J.

"It’s a happy marriage, despite its beginnings, lasting well into their middle age—which is when the true test comes: A woman comes forward, accusing Jon of wartime espionage. Has their life together been based on a lie?"
~RT BookClub, Catherine Witmer


More Reviews Coming Soon!



Dangerous Memories
by Barbara Colley
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1338 ~ December 2004
ISBN 0-373-27408-4

Cover: Dangerous Memories by Barbara ColleyThey said her baby's father was dead...

Clinging to the thought of the child growing inside her, Leah Davis slowly rebuilt her life after her husband Hunter's deathuntil the day he showed up on her doorstep, alone, confused and very much alive. But instead of flinging herself into his arms and weeping tears of joy, she found herself on the run with a husband who didn't remember their marriage…or why people were shooting at him.

Leah vowed to protect their baby at any cost, even if it meant withholding the truth about her pregnancy from the one man who had a right to know. But she wouldn't turn her back on the dangerously handsome man who'd revived her buried passion. They had to uncover the secrets surrounding Hunter's "murder" before the killer could strike again. But if Hunter's memory returned, could he forgive Leah for her secrets?

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"DANGEROUS MEMORIES by Barbara Colley is an exciting book with strong plotting . . ." ~Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

"DANGEROUS MEMORIES opens with a stunning revelation and maintains a brisk pace with an intricate plot until the very end. ...Barbara Colley, who also writes cozy mysteries with a New Orleans Garden District maid as her protagonist, packs a fast-moving, captivating tale in a short span of pages. It's romantic intrigue at its best." ~ The Lafayette Daily Advertiser, Chere Coen, Reviewer

Books by Anne Logan

Cover Images of Books by Anne Logan

That Old Devil Moon
by Barbara Colley
July 15, 2011 publishing date.
Available for Kindle and Nook.

Intrigue, Danger and Passion One summer in New Orleans--

Madeline Johnson is determined to uncover the truth about her brother. His last words--a cry for help on Maddie's answering machine--contradict what the New Orleans police are telling her. The cops seem in a real hurry to close the case, and the one detective who may be able to help is about to go on vacation.

Alex Batiste's vacation plans are set. His daughter's come to stay with him and, along with the usual teenage problems, the girl--encouraged by Alex's ex-wife--has a bad attitude toward her father. So police work is the furthest thing from Alex's mind.

But it's not that easy to get the beautiful Maddie out of his mind. Apart from her persistence and her unwavering belief in her brother--traits he admires--she seems to know all the right things to say and do around his daughter. Now helping Maddie is becoming more than simply doing his job.

"That Old Devil Moon ... With this fast and intricate plot, Logan has created an excellent romance with a mystery twist. The emotions are deep and compelling, and the characters wonderfully complex. You won't be able to put it down."

~ Affaire de Coeur

"Dial "D" For Destiny ... Ms. Logan has written a superb book. The characters are so visual as they wind around leaving bits and pieces of the puzzle. She uses the large cast of characters well, and there's never a dull moment."

~ Rendezvous


Check out more books by Barbara, writing as Anne Logan.
Click here or on the book covers (above) to visit the book list page.

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