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Title: Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series

Who is Charlotte LaRue?

animation: sweeping broomCharlotte won't tell you her age, but I will. She's fifty-nine and dreading the day when she turns sixty. A native of New Orleans, she owns and operates her own maid service, 'Maid for a Day', catering exclusively to clients in the Garden District.

Petitely built, Charlotte stands five-foot-three. She has sky-blue eyes and wears her slightly gray-streaked, honey brown hair in a no nonsense cut that's short but stylish. As a firm believer in keeping fit, she eats sensibly and takes a brisk thirty-minute walk each day.

At eighteen, Charlotte fell in love and became engaged. But Charlotte's fiancé was killed, one of the early casualties of the Vietnam War. Sadly, he never knew he had fathered a son.

Then, at age twenty, Charlotte's beloved parents were in a fatal accident, and Charlotte was left all alone to raise both her infant son and her fifteen-year-old sister as well. A kindly professor she knew told her that a good bit of extra money could be earned if she were willing to hire herself out to clean other people's homes and recommended Charlotte to several of her wealthy acquaintances. Because Charlotte was so thorough and dependable, her reputation soon grew to the point that she was forced to expand 'Maid for a Day' and hire help.

Sweety Boy's real-life alter ego, "Jazz" Except for her parakeet, Sweety Boy, Charlotte now lives alone and still resides in the Victorian shotgun double she inherited from her parents. She possesses a keen awareness for details due to her profession as a maid. A highly intelligent woman, she also possesses an analytical mind as well as an active imagination which is fueled by her love of reading, in particular, mystery books.

From Charlotte's keen awareness for details, she often picks up clues the police miss, and by reading mystery books, she's learned to channel her imagination into analytical conclusions.

Whether it's a dead body or simply a missing piece of jewelry, Charlotte seems to have a knack for solving mysterious crimes, a trait that amazes those who know and love her, but a trait that also constantly frustrates and aggravates the police.

Oh, I almost forgot. Charlotte's son, Hank, became a very successful doctor, but he's also just a bit embarrassed that his mother still works as a maid. Kids! You can't help but love them, but aren't they a pain at times?

Now, aren't you glad you asked?

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