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Title: Barbara Colley's Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series

Cover Detail from Wiped Out by Barbara Colley
Wiped Out

by Barbara Colley
February 2005
ISBN 0-7582-0762-X


animation: sweeping broomRunning 'Maid for a Day' keeps Charlotte LaRue plenty busy, of course. But her latest job involves more than dusting and mopping. She must also contend with the rumblings of a feuding New Orleans gardening club. Things certainly aren’t coming up roses in Barbara Colley‘s expertly paced, character-driven new whodunit.

Summer’s off to a sweltering start, and Charlotte is already feeling the heat. One of her best clients has just up and moved, leaving Charlotte with a big chunk of free time in her normally hectic schedule. Her son Hank is thrilled. He thinks it’s high time his mother retired. But Charlotte has other ideas—and a new client to boot. Gardening enthusiast Mimi Adams is planning to host the next meeting of the Horticultural Heritage Society, a popular club among New Orleans’ A-list. Mimi wants Charlotte to be there.

Charlotte had expected some good gossip at the meeting, but these society ladies are downright ferocious. They’ve got their claws out, with free-floating talk of extra-martial affairs (did Mimi really sleep with Rita’s husband?) and a bitter argument over the club’s recent presidential election (Mimi won…or did she?). A few days later, Mimi’s dead. Poisoned, according to the doctor. But who planted it, and where? Was it in the bitter brownies at the meeting? Or in the red wine? As Charlotte takes a closer look at Mimi’s “friends,” neighbors, and scheming husband, she realizes she has a whole plot full of suspects to weed through…and she’d better start digging.


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Reviews for POLISHED OFF

" . . . WIPED OUT is one to add to any mystery story lover's must-read list. It's a well-written, skillfully-crafted story filled with everything a good New Orleans-based novel should be - vivid characters, authentic atmosphere and those details which demonstrate a novelist who knows her subject first hand . . . Colley always plays fair with her readers, and the clues are there to be discerned. One can learn a lot in reading the series-about human nature and even pick up a few cleaning tips." ~L'Observateur

"WIPED OUT is a down home charming and entertaining southern cozy. Charlotte is a realistic amateur sleuth because she does not go searching for evidence, but does listen to conversations and observes behavior and events that lead to her on the verge of unmasking the culprit. Barbara Colley provides a pragmatic common sense heroine whose actions makes her seem real and her tales fun to read as fans can picture their neighbors in the role." ~ The Best Reviews, Harriet Klausner, Reviewer

"This book is great fun, and anyone who doesn't like Charlotte LaRue has no soul. ~ Nancy Sapir, the Kingston Observer

" This is a great Southern cozy. It's a fast, enjoyable read. I hated for it to end. I highly recommend this book. ~ Dawn Dowdle,

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