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Title: Barbara Colley's Charlotte LaRue Mystery Series

Cover detail: Maid for Murder
Maid for Murder

by Barbara Colley
February 2002
ISBN 1-57566-873-4


animation: sweeping broomIn New Orleans' historic Garden District, life is all about attending the right parties, impressing the right people, and making the right amount of money (a lot!). It's an attitude fifty-nine-year-old Charlotte LaRue has never really understood. She leads a quiet, simple, practical life—and it suits her just fine. Business is booming at her house-cleaning service, Maid-for-a-Day—and in her down time, she loves reading mystery novels and hanging out with her parakeet, Sweety Boy. Everything's perfect. Well, almost everything . . .

Charlotte doesn't mind polishing silver, scrubbing toilets, or dusting bookcases-but she can't stand dealing with her rich clients' dirty laundry. And when it comes to the much-talked-about Dubuisson family, there's an awful lot of it—especially since Jackson Dubuisson was found murdered in his study.

Now this exclusive enclave is abuzz with all kinds of gossip—and some very sinister speculation. A chatty socialite keeps hinting that Jackson's extra-marital affair may have been the death of him. His mother-in-law—who's quite possibly senile—has revealed more of the Dubuisson family's secrets than Charlotte ever wanted to know. And then there's his widow, Jeanne. Charlotte refuses to desert her in her time of need—but suspects she may have something to hide. One thing is certain: someone wanted Jackson dead--and that someone is not coming clean . . .

Surrounded by possible suspects and hounded by a tenacious police detective, Charlotte wishes she could stick to her own policy of staying out of clients' personal business. Problem is, she's never been able to walk away from a mess. And this is the biggest one she's ever seen . . .


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Diana Pinckley, reviewer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune says, "...Barbara Colley introduces Charlotte in Maid for Murder, a cozy mystery with loads of charm ... Colley crafts a fast-moving ending that is simultaneously hilarious and poignant ... Charlotte is a winner ... She's a cheerful addition to the New Orleans mystery scene."

"Amateur sleuth Charlotte LaRue will dust her way into readers' hearts in this auspicious debut of a new cozy series ... Colley has created a sensible, likable sleuth whom readers will want to put on a long-term contract." ~ Publisher's Weekly, January 7, 2002

4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times!4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times!4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times!4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times!4-1/2 Stars, Romantic Times!

Romantic Times Top Pick! "A middle aged romance, a deftly plotted mystery and beguiling characters make MAID FOR MURDER a joy to read. Feisty yet vulnerable, Charlotte is an appealing character and readers will want to see more of her and Lou Thibodeaux! 4-1/2 Stars!" ~ Romantic Times

Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee for Best First Mystery!

"MAID FOR MURDER is a lighthearted amateur sleuth novel that bursts with humor yet contains pathos and poignancy. The characters are drawn very true to life and the reader will end up feeling sympathy for the victims as well as the perpetrator. Fans will enjoy Barbara Colley's very good debut novel." ~ Harriet Klausner, Mysterious Readers

"Barbara Colley turned out a witty, charming story that kept me intrigued to the final page. ...I found Charlotte's hunt for clues to be fascinating. The interactions between Charlotte and Louis are wholly entertaining, especially with the first innocent sparks of a possible romance, and not to be missed! I look forward to the next book, DEATH TIDIES UP, due out in February 2003. Though I do wish that it wasn't going to be so long a wait!" ~ Tracy Farnsworth, Mysterious Corner, The Romance Reader's Connection

Also available in Large Print Edition
Cover: Maid for Murder Large Print Edition from Thorndike
from Thorndike Press
ISBN 0-7862-3947-6


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